My life at Tuscan Gardens - Susan H. | Tuscan Gardens Senior Living
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“I am thinking this is the start. My story starts here. Life begins at Tuscan Gardens…”

These are the exact words from one of our most recent move-ins, Susan.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Susan decided to make her move to Florida. She chose an Independent Living community situated in beautiful Palm Coast. As she became increasingly dissatisfied with the community she moved into, she started researching other options. Susan was hesitant to consider another senior living community as her initial experience with senior living left her disappointed – not only with food quality, but also the community management and overall cleanliness. She was on a mission and visited every community in the area looking for her home – her new beginning. This world traveler was not willing to settle until she knew she had found the right fit – the cuisine, the people, the amenities, and the management.

Determined to complete her due diligence, Susan visited Tuscan Gardens several times. It was almost as if she had a mental checklist on each visit. Susan stopped to check the community bathrooms and common areas for cleanliness. Our in-house chef prepared to-go meals providing proof of consistent quality cuisine. Susan even asked the associates and residents how management treated them. On one tour she spent an hour walking the nature trails behind our community with our Executive Director discussing her passions and hobbies.

After each visit and phone call Susan started to realize her wants and needs were not only met at Tuscan Gardens, but exceeded. It was not a quick move, but more of a journey to find her home. In the end, Susan was pleasantly surprised – a senior living community that lived up to their promises. At that moment, she knew there was only one choice – Tuscan Gardens.

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