From Our Kitchen to Yours

At Tuscan Gardens®, we put great emphasis on food – the aromas, textures, and flavors. That’s why every day is complemented by exceptional food and signature dining experiences. From our Tuscan Kitchen to beautifully comfortable living spaces, every aspect of our community is designed to feel like home.

We understand how important the kitchen is to our residents, and we carry on the traditions they love. We entertain guests, cook, and bake for fun, visit with friends, share recipes, hold cooking classes and demonstrations – all here, in our Tuscan Kitchen.

Maria’s Chicken Ricotta Soup

Among the many recipes that Grandmom Pino taught my mother, Maria Giordano, after Mom came to America as the first Italian war bride in 1944 was a delicious chicken ricotta soup which she affectionately called Sicilian soup to honor Grandmom’s birthplace near Messina, Sicily. Growing up, Sicilian soup, thickened with rice, became a trusted mainstay

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Maria’s Ricotta Pie

My dad, Sam Pino, was an Air Force Captain during World War II and fell in love with my mom, Maria, and brought her home – she was the first Italian war bride to come to the United States! Upon arriving, my mom learned how to cook from her new mother-in-law. Grandmom Pino taught her

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