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Since the start of the pandemic, Tuscan Gardens has acted quickly and decisively, establishing a task force and implementing infection control efforts early. Although COVID-19 surrounds us here in Florida, our focus remains our residents — keeping them safe, secure, active & engaged.

There’s no minimizing the seriousness of COVID-19. Tuscan Gardens acted early and prepared for it.

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Concerns & Responses

Residents moving in to the community are tested for the Corona Virus and only need to shelter in suite a short time to ensure there is no potential for infection. The shelter in suite is only used as an effective infection control measure. Residents are only required to shelter in suite until two negative test responses are received. Mom will be required to get tested 48-72 hours prior to moving in and then she will be re-tested 24-48 hours after moving in. Once two negative test results are obtained, she will no longer be sheltered in suite.

We understand your trepidation in feeling Mom will be alone during this time period. She won’t. She will have plenty of opportunity to have regular interactions with our associates such as her caregivers, residence director, healthcare director and others. She will likely have more 1-on-1 interaction during her first few days as a resident than she does currently at home.

This time is also ideal for taking advantage of our LifeBio program. Our Signature Programming Director will meet with your Mom and gather stories and images to complete the ultimate life story booklet. We are proud to provide this complimentary service to our residents and their loved ones.

You will still be able to see and visit with your Dad regularly. Not only will you be able to see your Father by utilizing communication technology such as FaceTime, Zoom, and Messenger, but at Tuscan Gardens® we have also constructed a Heart-to-Heart visitation window and Hug Wall that will make your scheduled in person visits safe, intimate, and meaningful. For those residents who need help using video call technology, our team provides hands on assistance.

We have found from other families that the initial time without visitors is actually a major benefit. The dedicated time allows dad to adapt to our community on his own terms, getting to know the associates, the routine and other residents. They have built strong relationships more quickly and their socialization is increased, which we know is so important!

Studies show seniors who live alone will most likely be isolated, which will have a negative impact on their physical and mental health. Socialization helps increase one’s mental and physical health. Even though we need to practice social distancing we continue to have significant opportunity for socialization within our community, which includes social distanced small group dining and small group activities.

You can schedule a virtual tour of our community via your cell phone or personal computer. We are able to show you every part of our community including the exact suite your loved one would move in to. During a virtual tour, we can also introduce you to key leadership at the community such as our community relations
director, nurses, caregivers, and signature programming director.

We can show you the physical community and you will love it, but what you will truly love are our associates who will take care of your loved one. The compassion and care they provide are the true differentiators at Tuscan Gardens®. At Tuscan Gardens® everyone is treated as family.

We understand how you feel. Many of the current residents had similar concerns, but what they found was our community was more affordable than other options they were considering such as home healthcare and even staying at home. Also, there are different financing options that may be available to help make your decision to move to Tuscan Gardens® more affordable. We would be glad to discuss some of your options and answer any questions you may have about financing senior care.

Because the fatality rates for seniors who contract COVID-19 are so high, special consideration for infection control such as social distancing and consistent monitoring is ideal to ensure their health
and safety. Health and safety protocols such as limited access/exposure, consistent testing and all encompassing disinfecting procedures that senior living communities like Tuscan Gardens® have implemented are difficult to implement at a personal residence.

Example: If your senior loved one lives with you, anyone who leaves the home could unknowingly pick up the virus and infect your entire household. How do you control for that? An additional consideration is the mental and physical health of the primary caregiver. If a senior’s primary caregiver gets sick, the family may need to choose whether to potentially pass the illness to the senior or leave them temporarily without care. Even without the threat of COVID-19, caregiving is no simple task and caregiver burnout happens frequently.

At Tuscan Gardens®, our team of compassionate caregivers are available 24/7 to assist your loved ones with all of their daily needs. All of our associates are held to specific safety and sanitation protocols including, but not limited to: temperature checks prior to every shift, testing every two weeks, and exercising the use of PPE.

We understand your concern. There is still a lot of uncertainty in today’s environment. Assisted Living and Memory Care communities offer a controlled environment where the only people to contact residents are screened professionals exercising the highest level of precaution. In today’s “uncertain” environment, a senior living community is often the safest place for your loved one.

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