Memory Care

At Tuscan Gardens® of Venetia Bay in Venice, Florida, we understand the responsibilities involved with caring for a loved one with memory loss diagnosed with either Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinsons. That’s why, if it all becomes too much to bear alone, you can trust us to help you care for your family member as though he or she were our own. We will provide the care your loved one requires with professional support, dignity and respect. Furthermore, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in compassionate, caring hands that are working hard to create an engaging lifestyle of care and happiness.

Person-Centered Care

More than just a place to find support and security, Memory Care at Tuscan Gardens® of Venetia Bay offers a lifestyle brimming with purpose and pleasure. We provide our residents with the care they need and the independence they deserve. Every resident in our memory care community is on a different leg of the journey, with varying needs and capabilities. In order to meet a resident’s needs, we adjust our support and care plans appropriately, all while emphasizing each person’s strengths and abilities. Our respect for our residents is what sets Tuscan Gardens of Venetia Bay apart from other memory care communities. We care for the entirety of every person, not just the body.


One of the defining features of our memory care programming is Heartfelt CONNECTIONS™.

An innovative approach to memory care, Heartfelt CONNECTIONS™  is created by the belief that each resident’s retained abilities are far more important than what has been lost. As a result, we emphasize positive, life-affirming activities and interactions. We develop and implement personalized programs tailored to each individual’s abilities, likes and interests. We promote capabilities. We build self-confidence. We bring joy and fulfillment. This program makes a significant difference in the lives of our residents.


LifeBiobrings each resident’s story to life, every day. This unique tool captures your loved one’s life story, in detail, enabling us to connect on a much more personal, familiar level.

The tool is simple but brilliant, and your family is key to its success. Asking you a variety of questions, we collect anecdotes and details about your loved one. By hearing your stories, we learn about family members, friends, careers, hobbies, travels, likes, and dislikes. We take all of that information and create a life story booklet that is used every day by our staff to help spark conversations, stir memories, relive special moments and to comfort and connect with your loved one. The life story booklet is key to making your loved one’s experience here very personal. We use the booklet to customize care and programming that meets your loved one’s needs and preferences.

Exceptional Care

We also provide unequaled peace of mind for our residents and their families. With attentive, caring professionals on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our residents know that they are never alone; there’s always someone available to help at any hour of the day or night. Our associates provide assistance with all activities of daily living (ADLs), including:

    • Gentle Reminders and Redirection
    • Bathing
    • Grooming
    • Dressing
    • Walking
    • Eating
    • Medication Management

Spacious Private Living Suites

Our Memory Care residents deserve nothing less than the dignity offered at Tuscan Gardens of Venetia Bay. We’ve designed exquisite, private suites with residents’ care and comfort in mind, providing the best accommodations for both support and independence.

Our petite one-bedroom suites have been designed to encourage independence, autonomy and sight recognition. Walls are painted in lush colors to create contrast, making it easier for residents to see and identify different areas. In the evening, automatic LED nightlights turn on in the bathroom, helping residents to safely locate it when needed. In addition, as a gentle visual reminder, each suite’s bathroom is also in the direct line of sight from the head of the bed. Spacious day closets encourage our residents to make their own choices when getting dressed for the day, supporting their independence and dignity.

Lucca – 302 sq. ft.

Gracious Services and Amenities

Tuscan Gardens of Venetia Bay surrounds its residents with comfort and beauty, striving to create details that evoke the warmth of home and more, including:

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