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You deserve to enjoy your retirement years surrounded by interesting and caring
people. A place where having a sense of purpose is a reality, not a dream. A place
that feels and functions like home. A place where vou can choose to live well.
But does that mean you have to break the bank?


At Tuscan Gardens we work hard to give you the lifestyle you deserve on a
budget you can afford. From innovative new financial assistance options to under-
used benefits - look beyond traditional ways of financing your golden years.


Tuscan Gardens is the BEST because of the outstanding staff. I have toured 5 other facilities for my parents who require different levels of living. Then I found Tuscan Gardens. Nothing else compares! Lisa Capasso & Mickenzie Barnes have gone beyond my expectations to help all of us, including giving me their cell phone numbers and answering calls after hours to help with this life changing transition. Every other staff member has been courteous and kind, a total family. My mother moved into Memory Care last week and has settled in beautifully. My father will be joining the Assisted Living section in a week or two. Yes, the facilities are wonderful, but it is the staff that has made it a worthwhile change for us. Again, Many Thanks to Lisa & Mickenzie for working as a team. Because of those two, I am resting much better at night!
– Marsha

Moving family into their next adventure is a challenging task. But the incredibly caring, helpful staff at Tuscan Gardens Venetia Bay gave overwhelming support during this transition. I would have struggled even more if not for the help of Lisa, Mickenzie, Stephanie...the list goes on and on. Thank you for being there for my parents, and supporting them during this time. Can't wait to see their first painting from art class!
– Carol

My mom has a rare progressive neurological condition and has declined so rapidly in the last 6 months. Tuscan Gardens and the amazing staff have given her the absolute most quality of life. Thank you ALL so much for your compassion, dedication and going above and beyond for those who can no longer care for themselves.
– Jordan

For those of you that are concerned about finding the right place for your loved one to be taken care of, Tuscan Gardens in Delray Beach can't be beat. My mother was at another new Assisted Living Facility and moved to TG shortly after it opened, the reason she wanted to move was that she was very unhappy where she was, the food, the care, the attitudes...she had had enough. During COVID, moving her around didn't seem to be a great idea, but she constantly complained about her current arrangement. I finally gave in, thinking about how unhappy she was...how much different could the 2 places be??? Similar care, similar dining facility, similar activities...boy was I wrong!!! :). Her whole experience changed almost over night and has continued that way til today. She loves the food, the chef is very talented, adores all the employees and is so much happier. The employees along with the management team have done an excellent job of building a very comfortable and well cared for facility. Additionally, we used to pay for private nurses, daily (during the day and evening which got very expensive), now my mother only requires a private nurse during the day....because she is so attached to her, however she told me that when her private nurse is sick or needs a day off, the aides at TG take outstanding care of her and they make her feel special. To TG Team - Thank you for taking such good care of my mom, from the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate it, you guys do a fantastic job!!! I would rate this with 100 stars if Google allowed me to 🙂
– Jeff

We believe your staff all embody the saying "going above and beyond". They are a blessing to this family and I'm sure many more. Please know they are appreciated beyond words and you should know what professional, caring individuals you have in your employ.
– The Boyd Family

So grateful that everyone is staying safe!
– Bernice

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