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September 29, 2022


Dear Residents, Families and Friends,

We are thankful to report that everyone weathered the storm safely and it appears that Hurricane Ian’s eye is departing Florida shortly. It will be hours before we can safely say all three of our Communities are “all clear.” Our committed leadership team and associates were in all locations sheltering in place and caring for your loves ones. 

A quick update.  

Our Venice Community took the brunt of the storm at its location and has reported some landscape damage to trees and bushes and some minor leaks, which we anticipated. They never lost power which we are grateful to report and a testament to our planned electrical loop power grid system. Internet has been spotty as well as cell service in the area.

Our Delray Beach Community had some early storm power outages but power was quickly restored and everyone appreciates the response time. Continued wind and rain is reported and the team remains steadfast to the residents to get back to a more normal routine.

The Palm Coast Community is currently experiencing rain and wind and missed the heaviest part of the eye. The leadership team remains sheltered with the residents and has reported some tree and landscape damage along with some minor water intrusion from the heavy rains. Power was lost and the generator is actively doing its part until restored. 

The Communities will continue to assess damages and have begun cleanup.

Team members from all Communities and departments came together to cover all shifts while continuing to remain on property. Their dedication is outstanding! Our residents’ comfort and well-being remains our top priority but honestly their ability to adapt and provide united strength and patience goes without saying — our residents are amazing! 

The Communities’ primary focus remains on keeping your loved ones safe, secure and engaged. As a reminder, we will continue to provide updates via the website and Facebook.

A special note of appreciation and praise to all of our #TuscanHeroes in all three Communities. We are proud of our entire team who prepared carefully for this historical weather event. We look forward to hearing wonderful stories of heroism, camaraderie, friendship and support.

We remain humble and thankful to the First Responders, countless utility workers (from near and far) and the Reserve Units assisting in our region. The impact of Hurricane Ian affected many lives in its path over the last 48 hours. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has a loved one impacted by this catastrophic hurricane.

Thank you for your patience and support and, most importantly, for trusting us with your loved ones.

Warm Regards,




Larry & Janet Pino