September 26, 2022

Hurricane Ian – Update

For latest update on Hurricane Ian, please visit: .

As Hurricane Ian tracks towards the west coast of Florida, we want to keep you updated regarding our plans and preparations at Tuscan Gardens®.  Your loved ones have the option of sheltering in place at the Community or you can evacuate them at your own discretion. If you are planning to take your loved one out of our Venice Community for this weather event, please notify us right way as we are ordering provisions and must have an accurate head count. Once you exit the Community and the storm is actively in our area, we will be in a lockdown situation for safety reasons.  We have staff scheduled and members of the leadership team who will be at the Community on Wednesday and Thursday monitoring all fronts.

For those weathering the storm with us, we are preparing appropriately and will have adequate food and lighting while continuing to provide the same care you would expect from us. Your safety is of the utmost importance to our team. We work very closely with the state of Florida to ensure we are providing the safest care for our residents and our associates. Our buildings are constructed based on the latest building codes, which require CAT 3 hurricane standards.  If we do lose power, we will utilize our generator for key areas of our building until the power is regained. Our Community is looped onto two separate power grids with an automated switchover in case it is needed.

As a member of the Tuscan Gardens family, if you are in a situation of seeking refuge and cannot find a designated hurricane shelter, please let us know immediately and you may stay with your loved one in their suite. We only ask that you bring your own food as we plan for an emergency situation for multiple days as required in a critical situation. 

In an effort to stay in constant communication, especially with families who might be out of town, we will update as necessary via emails, (power permitting), Tuscan Gardens website (see our special communication banner located at, and the Tuscan Gardens Facebook page of our respective community. If you are unable to reach us, please leave a detailed voicemail message and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the path of Hurricane Ian. Please keep each other safe and check on your neighbors, especially seniors, who may need help evacuating. Here’s what you need to know: