Signature Dining

At Tuscan Gardens, we put great emphasis on food – the aromas, textures, and flavors – and create Signature Senior Dining experiences worthy of our residents.

From our own gardens, where we lovingly tend to fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruit, to the family tables in our open, airy Tuscan Kitchen, we design delicious meals with attention to every detail. Our state-of-the-art kitchen offers residents a feast for the senses as they observe the meals being prepared and smell the ingredients blending and cooking together. The kitchen is run by our very own Tuscan chef, who artfully creates visually and tastefully stunning meals with fresh ingredients and all the best tools of his trade. We’ve filled the kitchen with comfortably spaced tables and islands large enough to seat family and friends so residents can take meals together, discussing the events of the day and plans for tomorrow.

The Heart of the Home

Our Tuscan Kitchen truly is at the heart of our home, where members of our family gather to serve each other with care and company. We understand how important the kitchen is to our residents, and we carry on the traditions they love. We entertain guests, cook and bake for fun, visit with friends, share recipes, hold cooking classes and demonstrations – all here, in our Tuscan Kitchen.

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