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Horticulture at Tuscan Gardens

“Gardens” is part of our name. Tuscan Gardens’ overall horticultural approach is one of our primary differentiators.

Gardening plays an important role in the daily lives of our residents. It provides relaxation, repose and contemplation. Our residents and associates work together to socialize and enjoy the leisure skills they may have enjoyed their entire life. Some may have never gardened, before but are now discovering that it’s something that they like to do.

This type of full sensory experience – smell, sound, touch, sight and tastes – engages the residents, family members and friends.

Culinary Herb Garden Program for Independent and Assisted Living

In partnership with the senior living professionals at Seattle-based Eldergrow, Tuscan Roots’ indoor educational herb garden brings a ‘farm to fork’ concept into our community to showcase culinary talents, while integrating classes & activities for a unique resident experience.

Indoor Mobile Handcrafted Herb Garden

  • Indoor, mobile garden is handcrafted by disabled veterans and adults with disabilities.
  • Includes fresh herbs and organic, nutrient-rich soil.
  • Green culinary canopy and grow light designed for herb growth.
  • Feature herb of the month concept for cooking demonstrations with the mobile garden.
  • Residents get to participate in planting herbs. The Ethnobotany-themed garden provides cultural and educational activities, e.g., Italian parsley prompts Italian phrases, studying Italian art, and learning Italian etiquette.

Therapeutic Horticulture Program for Memory Care

Tuscan Roots’ indoor sensory gardens provide our residents with new purpose and engage with all five senses. A horticulture educator provides therapeutic programming classes, document residents’ AHTA (American Horticulture Therapy Association) wellness goals and maintain the garden.

Mobile Indoor Therapeutic Sensory Garden:

  • Handcrafted by disabled veterans and adults with disabilities.
  • Custom grow light, fan, and safety-locking wheels to move garden.
  • Organic soil, initial fragrant herbs, beautiful plants (selected by resident).

Therapeutic Horticulture Classes & Garden Maintenance

  • A horticulture educator facilitates two multisensory, therapeutic classes each month. Educator also performs two garden maintenance sessions using organic treatment and nontoxic plants. The curriculum includes Horticulture, Garden Art, Educational, and Culinary Harvest classes.
  • Wellness goals are documented after each class as per the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA)* – sensory stimulation, motor skills, cognitive stimulation, creative expression, and socialization.
  • The curriculum includes horticulture, garden art, educational, and culinary harvest classes. Supplies are included.
  • Families and friends are always welcome to join our residents!

Benefits of Horticulture

There are many benefits to creating an environment that gently stimulates all of our senses and improves our health and well-being. Residents enjoy and actively engage with plants and benefit from the oldest prescribed therapy.

Interactivity, both physical and mental, helps residents maintain their independence, enhances their wellbeing, maintains mental and emotional vitality and helps them enjoy a better quality of life.

Wellness, of course, extends beyond what we “do” with our bodies to what we put “in” them. Horticulture can be an active component of an overall healthy eating philosophy, providing a perfect combination of activity, community involvement, nutrition and personal fulfillment.

My mom has a rare progressive neurological condition and has declined so rapidly in the last 6 months. Tuscan Gardens and the amazing staff have given her the absolute most quality of life. Thank you ALL so much for your compassion, dedication and going above and beyond for those who can no longer care for themselves.