A community that is worthy of our own parents

The philosophy and guiding principles that form the foundation of Tuscan Gardens are quite simple,
but at the same time, profoundly important:

We set out to create a community that is worthy of our own parents.

Tuscan Gardens® focuses on family, culture and engagement, offering a senior living experience unlike any other.
Senior living that is worthy of our parents. And yours.

Senior Lifestyle


Family is at the heart of everything we do. At Tuscan Gardens®, family is welcome at all times. Come dine with your loved one. Visit in his or her private living suite. Enjoy the inviting surroundings, both inside and outside this warm home. Walk in the gardens. Sit by the fountains. Join your loved one in an activity or program. If you can’t be here, we have integrated technology that instantly connects you to your loved one, including in-room touchscreen computer monitors that are easy to use. We also offer computer technology that allows you to log in and view, real time, what is happening in the common areas of our community.

We consider our associates and residents family, too. After all, we are all together in one big happy home, sharing experiences, meals and activities. Tuscan Gardens® promotes friendship and camaraderie through both the architectural design of our community and our Signature Life Enrichment Programming that encourages people to get involved and meet new friends.

Senior Lifestyle


Tuscan Gardens® is rich in effortless elegance, or as we say in Italian, “sprezzatura.” This community is designed – in every facet and nuance – to promote and elevate the art of living. From our stunning architecture that evokes the charm and warmth of Mediterranean villas to our meticulously landscaped grounds, gardens, walking paths and fountains that beckon you outside to enjoy all of nature’s bounty, we surround our residents with beauty.

The open, airy interior is decorated with plush furniture and original works of art and features soaring ceilings and high windows for an abundance of natural light.

The open Tuscan kitchen is the heart of our home, where chefs prepare meals with fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits grown in our own gardens. The air is scented with aromas of home . . . sauce simmering on the stove, fresh basil growing in the garden and bread baking in the oven.

Our associates know each resident; not just their names, but who they really are. They know their life stories. This intimate knowledge creates a sense of family, of comfort, of home.

Senior Lifestyle

Engagement: Signature Life Enrichment Programming

Tuscan Gardens® is more than a place to call home; it is a vibrant, thriving community that inspires residents to continue their enjoyment of life.

Engaging life enrichment programs, activities and entertainment invite residents to live their lives just as they would in their own private homes – cooking, reading, painting, gardening, baking, shopping . . . the list is endless. Our diverse Signature Life Enrichment Programming also offers a variety of educational events, opening doors to new discoveries, encouraging residents to explore hobbies and interests and to learn something new. Some of our offerings are simply for pleasure, from tea served every afternoon to live musical entertainment and performances.