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Hosted by Dr. Larry Pino

Join Larry Pino and a wide variety of industry experts and guests for an in-depth look at senior living and where it is today. Senior living has come a long way since the days of an “old folks home.” Today’s seniors are looking for vibrant communities with engaging activities, chef-inspired cuisine, and high-level amenities. The senior living industry is responding in a big way. We’ll explore current and future trends as we speak with those who are pushing the limits and residents who are happily experiencing the evolution. 

Tuscan Talks | Senior Living Today is a monthly podcast available in video and audio formats.

At Tuscan Gardens, we want to be a valuable and trusted resource for families and senior caregivers.

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Episode 2: Continuing Education for Seniors

According to the National Institute of Aging, higher levels of education may help preserve memory in the face of accumulating age-related brain pathology. Several research […]

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