Tuscan Talks

Episode 11: Helping Families Connect with their Loved Ones with Dementia

In this episode, Tuscan Gardens Senior Living Founder and CEO Dr. Larry Pino & Brenda Gurung discuss helping families connect with their loved ones with dementia.

Brenda Gurung, C.D.P. (she/hers) is a credentialed dementia specialist and has served in senior living for over 12 years. She offers empowering, practical insights—always with the goal to improve meaningful connections with people living with dementia. She is the founder of Be Growth Dementia Education, a volunteer Community Educator who regularly presents for the Alzheimer’s Association (and has facilitated over 150 workshops), and holds a number of certifications. An ally, she advocates for inclusive spaces and voices.

Health Philosophy: “I provide practical insights to connect with individuals with dementia in a meaningful way that recognizes their own agency, purpose and ability. I enjoy collaborating with families, families of choice and professionals. I strive to be an ally, cultivating safe, open spaces for all.”