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best friends Helpful Resources

Best Friends Approach

By kiran | Jul 30 2019

Developed while Virginia Bell and David Troxel worked at the University of Kentucky Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, the Best Friends™ Approach suggests that what a […]

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where to retire in florida Community News

Where to retire in Florida

By kiran | Jun 11 2019

Florida, known as the Sunshine State famous for its miles of coastlines, beautiful beaches, outdoor recreational and low cost of living – has long been […]

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milanese sauce Recipes

Maria’s Milanese Sauce

By kiran | May 28 2019

The Milanese sauce is a tomato-based sauce. Slow cooking allows for some of the moisture to escape, which results in a thick sauce that is thoroughly […]

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Overcoming Inertia

By kiran | Mar 21 2019

“A body at rest, tends to stay at rest”. – Newton Inertia is characterized as “resistance or unwillingness to motion, action or change.” In laymen […]

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Associate News

Happy 2019

By kiran | Jan 1 2019

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Pecan Pie

By kiran | Nov 21 2018

Legend is that this is an old pecan pie recipe originally from my family’s South Georgia roots.   A couple of tips from my secret […]

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breast cancer awareness Health

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By roger | Oct 22 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness As we get older, our risk of breast cancer increases. According to, one in every eight women will be diagnosed with […]

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Tuscan Gardens Residents Helpful Resources

Senior Citizens Day

By roger | Aug 21 2018

Happy National Senior Citizens Day! We thank and salute you for your sacrifice, love, support, and encouragement, especially to the younger generation. We look to […]

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Community News

Shark Week

By roger | Jul 27 2018

The annual obsession with Shark Week arrives at Tuscan Gardens®. For those who have no idea about Shark Week, here’s a brief history: Shark Week […]

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Helpful Resources

Virtual Dementia Tour

By roger | Jul 11 2018

Virtual Dementia Tour® is a specially designed patented sensory tool and instruction based on research conducted by P.K. Beville, M.S., a specialist in geriatrics and […]

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