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Community News

Together We Can End Alzheimer’s Disease

By roger | Jun 15 2018

The statistics are nothing short of alarming. Of the 79 million total Baby Boomers who are retired or retiring in the coming years, approximately 28 […]

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pet therapy llamas Health

Pet therapy llamas

By roger | Jun 11 2018

We all adore pets, but when llamas come to visit, it is extra special. These big, soft, fluffy, gentle animals visited our residents last month […]

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Helpful Resources

Introducing Technology to Seniors

By roger | Apr 11 2018

Introducing technology to seniors is vital in today’s senior living environment. We truly live in a time when more information is available on any conceivable […]

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Maria’s Chicken Ricotta Soup

By roger | Mar 12 2018

Among the many recipes that Grandmom Pino taught my mother, Maria Giordano, after Mom came to America as the first Italian war bride in 1944 […]

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Associate News

Happy International Women’s Day

By roger | Mar 8 2018

March is definitely a celebratory month for women. We are blessed to be surrounded by strong, talented, inspiring associates and residents here at Tuscan Gardens […]

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Fall prevention

By roger | Feb 27 2018

Did you know that one in four older Americans fall in a significant way? And that fall is the leading cause of injury for people […]

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Community News

Resident Spotlight: Mary!

By roger | Feb 21 2018

Mary has an attitude. A positive one, of course! Mary is part of our Tuscan Gardens Family and is the embodiment of an amazing attitude. […]

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An Invitation To Living A Life of Purpose, Passion & Joy

By roger | Feb 17 2018

Today’s seniors represent myriad backgrounds and beliefs. Every senior, regardless of background, has the right to live well. Tuscan Gardens® is fully focused on creating […]

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Ricotta Pie Recipes

Maria’s Ricotta Pie

By roger | Feb 9 2018

My dad, Sam Pino, was an Air Force Captain during World War II and fell in love with my mom, Maria, and brought her home […]

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Helpful Resources

Alzheimer’s Support Group

By roger | Feb 5 2018

Tuscan Gardens® is excited to announce our Alzheimer’s Support Group ­­– a monthly meeting designed just for caregivers to share their stories, concerns, celebrations, and advice. […]

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