Tuscan Talks

Episode 10: Engagement Technology

In this episode, Tuscan Gardens Senior Living Founder and CEO Dr. Larry Pino,  Lisa Taylor & Jack York from iN2L discuss engagement technology in senior care.

Lisa Taylor is the Chief Executive Officer of iN2L (It’s Never 2 Late), the leading provider of engagement technology for senior living. Lisa regularly advocates for the need to engage the senior population to improve quality of life, with a focus on how technology specially designed for this purpose and group delivers impactful results.

Jack York is co-founder of iN2L. Originally, Jack did not envision iN2L as a business; the impetus for what became the company was a philanthropic idea to donate computers to assisted living communities and nursing homes in Southern California. With a 15-year background in the Silicon Valley, he saw a vast potential in fostering these connections, but also saw that conventional technology was too difficult for most residents to use in a meaningful way.